Culture Pop Films

About Us


A group of creative thinkers and artists who specialize in creating hand-crafted film and photo media of the highest quality.  Our captivating, visual style showcases the culture and energy that makes our clients unique, and we custom tailor our work to fit the needs of each specific production.


Begin with story.  Each client has a unique narrative, and while the tools and technology used to tell that story may change, the need for a compelling, memorable message never does.  From film and still photography, to post production and motion graphics, Culture Pop delivers a start to finish production solution that encapsulates your story and delivers your message in a way that your audience will never forget.



Include some of the most talented, innovative businesses and individuals working today.  Whether it’s Food Network star Guy Fieri, the award-winning Lasseter Family Winery, cutting-edge Medtronic Pharmaceuticals, renowned fashion designer Odessa Gunn, or the infamous Bike Monkey crew, our clients are the driving force behind our best and most creative work.

Our Clients




Jamie Tuell
Creating award-winning work in film, photography and post production for the past fifteen years, Culture Pop founder, Jamie Tuell, has garnered respect from clients and colleagues alike.  Beginning with a firm foundation in story, he constantly strives to reveal the emotional, human element in each production he crafts.  In his roles as Director, Cinematographer and Lead Editor, Jamie is Culture Pop’s fearless leader and its creative driving force.  He’s also strikingly handsome.

Taylor Scott
Nurturing a passion for film from an early age, Taylor went on to earn a B.A. in film from San Francisco State University.  Best known for his ninja-like, git ‘er done, problem-solving skills, Taylor takes pride in producing the pants off any production that crosses his path.  In his three years at Culture Pop, Taylor has never failed to impress, and he often goes out of his way to remind anyone who will listen that he won the senior project film competition at SFSU.

Kit Karutz
Hailing from a long line of Angelenos, Kit grew up immersed in theater, television and film. Working with Culture Pop over the past five years, Kit has been able to bring his artistic ideas to life, and has developed his knowledge and expertise shooting, editing and in all aspects of film production. Currently pursuing his degree in film at UC Berkeley, Kit is often described as a “boy genius,” “bon vivant,” and “man about town.” He thinks those descriptions make him sound super pretentious.

Matthew Fabiano
Matt began his professional storytelling career at the tender age of six after the family television was damaged in a mysterious accident and his vindictive parents refused to buy a new one. He also studied film at SFSU (but claims he never saw Taylor there), and then moved to NYC, where he cut his teeth in The Business, writing and producing numerous films, documentaries, and TV shows. A rabid cyclist, Matt would probably be happy working for free Bike Monkey swag, but please don’t tell Jamie that.

Adam Menconi
Business Relations
Adam fell in love with two seemingly disparate things at an early age — film and entrepreneurship. Earning degrees in International Business, and Film and Theater, he was able to merge his two passions through his work at Culture Pop. While he manages business and logistics for the company, he’s also notorious for jumping in front of the camera and yelling in a vaguely Russian accent whenever he gets the chance.

Jennifer Tuell
Marketing Director/Photographer
Jennifer’s first love of photography lead her to working in media design and cinematography. Wearing multiple hats at Culture Pop, she works as both a designer and a shooter, and with her knack for storytelling, she has penned several scripts for the company.  When she’s not framing shots, she finds outlets for her creativity in sculpture, drawing and painting.  Jennifer earned her BFA from Aquinas College in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Gunther Kirsch
Gunther leaves no stone unturned when crafting a story.  Cameras, lighting, post, this Santa Rosa native does it all, and he knows what it takes to make a story both visually and technically compelling.  As Make Magazine’s staff photographer, Gunther created his own distinct photographic style, and his work is unique and captivating.  A film studies student at SFSU, Gunther doubts that either Taylor or Matt ever went there.

Mckenna Fraser
Production Assistant
Where would the motion picture industry be without its tireless PAs? The first on set, and the last to leave, McKenna always has a smile on her face and a can-do spirit. We’ve thrown her into the camera, sound and still photography departments and she’s proven up to the task each and every time. An indispensable part of the team, we’re lucky to have her.

Tim Terry
Cinematographer and Photographer

Tim can be found gracing the side of a rock face or enjoying yet another set of waves at the coast thinking of what new creative angle would best support our current project at hand. Tim is known for his itchy trigger finger and adventurous shooting technique, but when it comes to getting that “once in a lifetime” shot, he’s in the right place at the right time. Did I mention he once got a free helicopter ride from the coast guard? Perhaps if you ask him, he’ll tell you all about it!