Culture Pop Films

Lasseter Family Winery

The beauty of working with John and Nancy Lasseter is that there is just so much story to tell.  We’ve been working with them to create a series of short films about their winery and the amount of effort and artistry that goes into creating a bottle of wine. Not just any kind of wine, mind you, this is Lasseter Family wine we’re talking about.

We’ve noticed a few things filming John and Nancy’s winery over the past year.  They care deeply about the whats, hows and whys that go into the wines they produce.  Their organic farming practices are exhaustively researched and implemented, and their dedication to giving back to the community in which they live is truly inspiring.

By surrounding themselves with true artisans in every aspect of the wine making process, the Lasseter’s produce award-winning wines that have a quality and dedication that can be felt.