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The Gran Donut !

Strenuous athletic exercise requires the intake of carbohydrates.  Donuts are a carbohydrate-dense form of nutrition.  Ergo, professional athletes should eat as many donuts as possible during competition.

Makes sense to me.  And are you seriously going to argue with two-time Tour of California winner Levi Leipheimer, the “Queen of Pain” Rebecca Rusch, pro cyclist Tom Danielson, award-winning, “Fat Cyclist” blogger Elden Nelson, or OLYMPIC MOTHER#&*% CHAMPION Kristin Armstrong!!???

What, you’re still skeptical?  Fine, Patrick Dempsey eats donuts too!  If it’s good enough for McDreamy, it’s good enough for you.

Racing pint-sized crit bikes, these uber-fit competitors downed as many donuts as they could stomach, and duked it out for charity before Levi’s Gran Fondo in 2012.  We were there to capture every second of the glazed sugar carnage!

A big shout out goes to Mike Paschke at Shutterbug Camera Shops in Santa Rosa, California for the camera support!